Fund4Trees offers research grants and bursaries to all those working in the arboricultural and forestry sectors. Occasionally, we also funding in the form of Research Tenders.

As a small charity our limited financial resources mean that we are able to award only a low number of grants or bursaries each year. We expect therefore that applications for funding will be highly competitive.

Research Strategy

Fund4Trees has published a Research Strategy covering the period 2019-24. The policy was developed closely with our Research Advisory Committee or RAC, who advise the trustees on all funding applications for grants or bursaries. Research proposals are very strongly guided by the Research Strategy, and applicants are advised to read it carefully before deciding to apply for funding.

Fund4Trees Research Strategy 2019-24
Fund4Trees Research Strategy 2019-24

Committee members include six independent experts in tree research plus a representative from our trustee board (also a scientist). The members are:

  • Professor Rob MacKenzie (chair)
  • Dr Jon Banks (vice chair)
  • Mr Jeremy Barrell
  • Dr Gabriel Hemery (trustee)
  • Dr Jon Heuch
  • Dr Andrew Hirons
  • Mr Jack Kenyon
  • Dr David Lonsdale


To submit an application for funding, please read carefully the information provided on the respective pages and complete an application following our guidelines. There is no deadline for applying for a Bursary.

Resources are provided as follows:

When you are ready to submit your application contact our Research Co-ordinator using the form below.  You will normally receive a reply by email within 14 days to which you should reply by attaching your application.


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