Fund4Trees is currently open to bursary applications.

Do you know that you could get a £500 bursary? Funds are provided to individuals to assist with subsistence and travel costs for study tours/trips home or abroad specifically designed to expand their arboricultural knowledge. The bursaries exclude group expeditions or participation in tours or courses organised by other bodies or commercial enterprises.

Eligible applications will be assessed by Fund4Trees trustees based on the potential merits of the proposed project to the arboricultural and forestry profession, and its ability to deliver against the Fund4Trees objectives. Candidates are strongly advised to read our Research Strategy 2019-24, which guides what we will support.

Candidates will be advised within 4-6 weeks of the submission deadline and the decision of the Fund4Trees is final.

Successful candidates must submit a comprehensive written report of no less than 2,000 words to Fund4Trees within three months of the agreed completion date. This may be used by Fund4Trees for publication in a range or arboricultural trade magazines. Candidates may be invited to present their findings at future arboricultural events.

Fund4Trees is unable to assist in seeking any remaining funds required for the project. If a candidate is unable to obtain the total funds required to carry out their project then Fund4Trees reserves the right to withdraw the Bursary offer. There is some flexibility on project timings to ensure that the bursaries are used.

If you are interested in applying for a bursary please consult the resources below. There is no deadline for applying for a Bursary.

When you are ready apply, apply online.


You may also access the Bursary application form below.

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