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Jack Kenyon joins Fund4Trees research advisory committee

We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Jack Kenyon to our Research Advisory Committee (RAC).

Jack Kenyon, Fund4Trees
Jack Kenyon, Fund4Trees

Fund4Trees has a Research Policy which is guided by the RAC, advising the trustees on all funding applications made for grants. We rely on leading expert tree specialists like Jack Kenyon to ensure our hard-earned charitable income is invested wisely for public benefit. Read more

RAC Chair, Rob MacKenzie, said:

“F4T wants to fund research that really changes arboricultural practice for the better. Having Jack’s view on submitted proposals, based on his long experience as an educator and practitioner, will greatly strengthen our confidence in our assessments of proposed research”.

RAC member, Dr David Lonsdale, said:

“I very much welcome the appointment of Jack Kenyon to the Research Advisory Committee.  I believe that the committee’s work will benefit greatly from his wealth of knowledge, both practical and theoretical, and from his common sense approach to the needs of the arboricultural industry.   His renowned excellence as an educator, established during his many years at Merrist Wood College, is in my opinion underpinned by a capacity for clear thinking, which will equip him to serve with distinction on the committee”.


Thanks from Forest Research scientist

Read the full thank you letter from Forest Research from 2011
Read the full thank you letter from Forest Research from 2011

Following the official thank you from Forest Research (right) in 2011, we’ve received a personal message from one of the scientists at Forest Research, Dr Sandra Denman, and more information about how they spent the £5000 raised by Ride for Research in 2011.

We are delighted with the new (Zeiss V8 Discovery) microscope and have waited many years for an upgrade. A stereo microscope is a fundamental piece of equipment in our laboratory so to have such a good model with excellent optics and uncomplicated operation meant that once it arrived we were able to begin using it immediately. It is used daily so we could not be more grateful for the effort that the ISA put it towards us achieving its purchase.

I would like to thank the group of riders very much for ‘pedalling so many pounds worth’ that enabled us this much appreciated, essential piece of lab equipment.

Dr Sandra Denman
Senior Forest and Plant Pathologist
Centre for Forestry and Climate Change
Forest Research

The Zeiss V8 Discovery microscope
The Zeiss V8 Discovery microscope bought by Forest Research from the funds raised by the 2011 Ride for Research event