Fund4Trees website goes live

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As the ISA UKI Chapter President, it was a great opportunity to organise the inaugural 2010 Ride for Research in London. The Ride’s inspiration was taken from the main ISA’s global Tour de Trees and alongside twenty-two riders we replicated this Tour in miniature. Through engaging enthusiastic school children with tree planting and avidly discussing their green-credentials it had a positive macro-effect on both children and riders alike. Sweating, puffing and grinding cycle gears through London and leaving schools just a little greener than when we had arrived wetted the appetite for much more. With £5k raised to further research on Acute Oak Decline, Ride for Research lives on (through Fund4Trees) and I’m honoured to be the Founder. The potent mix of school children, act of tree planting, environmental education and cycling is a definite recipe for success! See you on a ride somewhere in the UK soon.

Russell Ball, Founder

Follow progress and activities here at We’d be grateful for any links from our friends and supporters.

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