Just One Job with Fund4Trees

Just one Job

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Just One Job with Fund4Trees
Just One Job with Fund4Trees

We are proud to launch a new fundraising initiative in support of our charitable work – Just one Job.

Over the past 3 years our Ride for Research events have raised an average of £1,500-£2,000 per ride. These Rides promote the benefits of trees to schoolchildren and provide the opportunity for them to participate directly in hands-on tree planting at their school. This has been an impressive start and it has already allowed for some important work to be supported.

However, arboricultural research is costly and it is apparent that our industry requires more research funding than can be raised by our ride events alone.

The idea behind Just-one-Job is to provide a greater research funding base whereby anyone working in arboriculture/forestry can support their industry. And you don’t even have to take time out and ride a bike!

How does Just-one-Job work? Professionals working in arboriculture, forestry and tree-related industries can donate a fee from any single job during the year; perhaps a tree contracting job, a tree survey, management plan or development site report. Whilst the amount is discretionary and proportionate to the size of the business, we hope supporters will consider this initiative sufficiently important to pledge a minimum of £150. Each year at the Arboricultural Association (AA) national conference there will be a prize-draw to select a winner from those companies that have donated to Just-one-Job.

The advantages:

  • You will be supporting your industry via a research contribution.
  • This contribution would be a tax-deductible for your company.
  • You can be involved and not even get on a bike.
  • You may win the annual prize-draw with the publicity of a photo-story featured in the AA’s newsletter.
  • Your customers/clients would also value your contributions to this charitable initiative.

Get involved in Just-one-Job: it’s your industry after all.

For more information or to sign-up please contact Russell Ball on 078844 26671 or email russell@fund4trees.org.uk

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