Two new ways to donate to Fund4Trees

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We are pleased to announce the launch of two new ways that you can donate to support the charitable work of Fund4Trees.

  1. Donate One Job – make a one-off donation worth the value of a single contract
  2. Donate One Hour – regularly monthly giving via Payroll giving

To date we have relied on sponsorship raised from cycle rides to support our charitable work. Whilst this has been quite effective, we recognise that we need to reduce the burden on our current fundraisers – about 100 riders who have been amazing – and at the same time diversify our income streams. These new schemes do not replace our cycle events but will help us raise more substantial funds on a sustainable year-by-year basis.

Donate One Job

. . . is a new Fund4Trees initiative for employers and sole traders that enables you/your company to provide a charitable annual donation to research that will benefit you as practitioners of the arboricultural industry.

How it works

  • You/your company provide a charitable annual donation to Fund4Trees to support research that will benefit you as practitioners of the arboricultural industry.
  • The intention is that your donation would reflect the average income from one contract.
  • The donation would be proportionate to the size of your company and could be as little as £150 for sole traders.
  • For larger companies the annual donation could be more.
  • Making the donation is simple. Click on the link below:

Donate to Fund4Trees via Just Giving

Donate to Fund4Trees with JustGiving

Donate One Hour

. . .  is a new Fund4Trees initiative for arboricultural industry employees from both public and private sector that enables you to contribute regularly a small percentage of your salary via PAYEE as a charitable monthly donation.

For example, imagine if all the local government Tree Officers in the UK donated £5-10/month then Fund4Trees could support significant arboricultural/urban forestry research to benefit our industry.

How it works

Speak to your payroll section and via e.g. Charitable/Workplace Giving (see below) you could pay a small monthly contribution (equal to perhaps 1-2 hours/month) to Fund4Trees and as a charity we will receive an extra 40% from Government.


Our track record

Since 2011, Fund4Trees has provided sponsorship for:

  • A high-powered microscope for Forest Research to support investigations into Acute Oak Decline.
  • The TDAG publication: Trees in the Townscape: A Guide for Decision Makers.
  • A European Tree of the Year tour to raise public awareness.
  • We are currently assessing some promising applications concerning urban forestry benefits, best practice projects and pathogenic fungal research.

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