Why Support Arboricultural Research in the UK?

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Fund4Trees runs a donation scheme that allows companies, the self-employed and any one on PAYE to support our chartable work. Why should you consider signing-up to Donate One Job and Donate One Hour?

Our urban trees do so much for us. The value of the annual ecosystem service benefits provided by our urban forests runs into £ millions: London (£13,270,000); Glasgow (£4,400,000); Edinburgh (£2,308,000); and Wrexham (£1,184,000). By supporting UK-based research, your funding will help to enhance the future management of trees in these areas, alongside other urban trees across the UK.

1.     Let’s grow our own talent. Innovative practices and knowledge can assist the industry to manage trees more effectively, with more confidence, and more efficiently. Fund4Trees-funded research often involves doctoral researchers (‘PhD students’), masters students, and senior undergraduates, many of whom will be looking for employment in the sector.

2.     Arb-specific research, direct from the source to the industry. For all the good work, past and current, tree-related research could still be better-geared towards answering arboricultural questions and should routinely put results in the public domain.

3.     R&D provides the building blocks for a joined-up industry. Fund4Trees supports researcher and practitioner partnerships for the betterment of both.

4.     Charity begins at the home of arboriculture. Work funded by charities can make the difference in unlocking major government investments in problems of direct relevance to the sector.

5.     Your Arbs need You! Many of the research results the sector relies on are based in other countries and not focused on specific UK conditions. Funding UK-based researchers improves the likelihood of results and recommendations being of direct and immediate use to your business.

6.     Knowledge is power; how can we re-charge the UK’s arb-specific research? Better evidence from research improves the status of the industry and provides media opportunities to promote tree management.

Dr David Lonsdale
Dr David Lonsdale, Independent Tree Consultant

“The Donate One Job and Donate One Hour schemes are an excellent idea, which I hope will seem readily affordable to many practitioners.”
Dr David Lonsdale, Independent Tree Consultant

Grants/Bursaries awarded by Fund4Trees to date

2011     £5,250   Forest Research microscope for research into Acute Oak Decline

2013     £1,000   Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG) guide (1)

2014     £5,000   TDAG/Hull University tree ecosystem service benefits  (2)

2015     £500     Rob McBride tour: European Tree of the Year

2015     £5,000   University of Cardiff: tree/fungal research (3)

2015     £1,000   TDAG (Midlands) best-practice publication (4)

2015     £5,000   Myerscough College grant for urban tree/climate change research (5)

Total:   £22,750


Please consider supporting our work. Visit Donate One Job and Donate One Hour to find out more.


Some outputs from our funded work

(1) Trees in the Townscape – a guide for decision makersTrees in the Townscape – a guide for decision makers

(2) Carbon storage & sequestration and cooling benefits of urban trees

(3) Heart-rot and fungal decay (PhD research)

(4) Trees in the Townscape – best practice in the Midlands

(5) Improving urban forest establishment, resilience and performance using trait-based tree selection.

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