Fund4Trees Research Strategy 2019-24

Research tender announced exploring the efficacy of tree establishment in urban environments

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PRESS RELEASE: Fund4Trees announces research tender exploring the efficacy of tree establishment in urban environments.

A charity promoting sustainable treescapes, Fund4Trees, is seeking proposals from researchers to explore the efficacy of tree establishment in urban environments.

In 2019, Fund4Trees launched a five-year Research Strategy. The strategy provides a structured and definitive approach to the charity’s allocation of research funding. Having focussed on the objectives within the Research Strategy, its Trustees have further explored potential delivery mechanisms to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the limited funding this small charity can provide.

Trustees and supporters of the charity believe that too many tree planting initiatives conducted in urban areas across the UK are supported by short-term capital funding, meaning that there may not be the resources and/or revenue funding needed to ensure successful establishment in the longer term. Many trees planted in the urban environment either fail to establish or lack the potential to develop into large-canopied, healthy specimens capable of delivering the ecosystem benefits for which they were planted. Increasing climate change awareness has resulted in a plethora of politically-driven tree planting and urban greening initiatives, many of which appear to lack the long-term strategic planning required to secure success and longevity. Research is needed to quantify the scale of this problem, and identify the causes and potential solutions, to ensure that the funds invested in future planting initiatives deliver value for money and provide the ecosystem service benefits intended.

Fund4Trees invites tenders that propose suitable projects to conduct research that will provide reliable qualitative evidence which explore these issues. It is envisaged that the research will focus on the larger, public-funded schemes and/or those secured under planning conditions as part of development projects, that have been promoted as environmental improvement projects.

Further guidance and details of the application process can be found on the Fund4Trees website:

Commenting on the launch of the new research tender opportunity, Fund4Trees trustee Martin Gammie commented:

“Having identified successful urban tree establishment as a key area where improvement is required, the Trustees have consulted with the charity’s Research Advisory Committee to develop this Research Tender initiative and we are pleased to announce that we are now inviting applications for relevant research projects.

“It is important that potential applicants can demonstrate compliance with the research brief and that their proposed research can feed into the overall project plan to produce a combined body of work that can be used with cumulative effect to influence positive change at a national level.”

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About Fund4Trees

Fund4Trees is a charity promoting sustainable treescapes. It has three main objectives: 1) promoting the conservation and improvement of the natural environment; 2) educating the public, especially young people, about the protection and improvement of trees particularly in and around urban areas; and, 3) advancing research in all aspects of trees.

One of its main fundraising activities is a regular sponsored cycling event in aid of tree research known as Ride for Research. It also runs a donation scheme for those working in arboriculture and forestry called Donate One Job.

The charity has a growing legacy of work thanks to the support of riders, donors and other organisations. It has planted trees with children in schools right across the UK, supported arboricultural research, helped publish important technical guidelines, and offered bursaries to talented young people.

Fund4Trees Research Strategy 2019-24
Fund4Trees Research Strategy 2019-24

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