In oar of a superhuman fundraiser

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Professional arborist Hal Appleyard is well on his way rowing 1.5 million metres on an indoor rowing machine to help raise money for Fund4Trees and another charity. Here’s Hal’s latest update in his own words – PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING to support his superhuman fundraising effort.

Hal Appleyard rowing for charity, December 2020

“The current COVID-influenced restrictions have had an impact upon us all. In order to keep my old ticker beating, when urged to stay at home, I set myself the challenge, using a Concept 2 indoor rowing machine, to row 1.5million metres between May 2020 and April 2021. This is 500,000 metres more than I have ever completed before in a year, and is equivalent to the distance from Kew Gardens to RBG Edinburgh and back again. So, since May 2020, I have been rowing pretty much every day (including Christmas Day) to meet this challenge. The challenge also involves raising £1,500.00 for two worthy charities; Fund4Trees and Dementia UK. I am pleased to report that I am still on target, having completed over 1million metres, with 500,000m to go at the time of writing (January 2021) and that with very many thanks for the generous donations, I have managed to raise just short of £1,000 for each of the charities. There is still a fair bit to complete so I am hopeful I can meet, if not surpass, the target. The money raised will go towards the Fund4Tree’s Five Year Research Strategy, which helps to deliver much-needed arboricultural research, helping support and benefit arborists, trees and people across the nation. Money raised for Dementia UK supports the work of the Admiral Nurses, who selflessly continue to help those living with or suffering from Dementia, in these most trying of times. If you feel you would like to help out, please go to and or Thank you.”

Hal Appleyard, January 2021

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