Fund4Trees extends its support for the Tree Charter

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In November 2017, Fund4Trees trustees, patron Rob Penn, and guest riders from the Woodland Trust, completed a 200-mile Tree Charter bike ride. The trustees are pleased to announce that Fund4Trees will be an Associate Partner to a new UK Tree Charter Board .

The Charter was originally developed with expertise and input from a professional steering group made up of around 70 different organisations. Collectively, they agreed the 10 principles that establish the future for trees, woods and people.

Charter for Trees, Woods and People
Charter for Trees, Woods and People

In 2018, a new UK Tree Charter Board was established with the broad aim of embedding the principles into the fabric of society. The board’s objectives are to identify the best pathways to achieving the principles, to look at new and different funding opportunities for viable new activity and to analyse the outside world in relation to woods and trees.

Rob Penn said,

“On our great bike ride to mark the launch of the Tree Charter we knew this was just the beginning of something important. I am excited and delighted that Fund4Trees is to be an Associate Partner to the Tree Charter Board, playing our part in seeing this great project fulfilled.”

(You can read about the Tree Charter Ride in ARB Magazine 180, spring 2018, pages 74–76)

It took two years for the Magna Carta to weave its way into the rights and responsibilities laid out in the original Charter of the Forests, for people and trees. It has taken 800 years for us to acknowledge the debt we owe to trees and to establish a new accord between us and them. The Tree Charter is a new approach to ensuring the role trees and woods play in our lives is more visible, and will be realised in both decision-making and practice across the homes, neighbourhoods and countries of the UK. We’re ready to make it happen!

The Tree Charter Board will also review progress towards achieving the objectives set out in the Tree Charter principles, which will culminate in an annual Tree Charter Day, held on the final Saturday of November as part of supporting the Tree Council’s National Tree Week.

Spreading the word

Beccy Speight, Woodland Trust CEO:

“This is just the beginning. We have never needed trees and woods more in our lives – and we need to shout about it.”

Simon Lloyd, Chief Executive, Royal Forestry Society:

“The RFS is delighted to be able to contribute to the Charter’s collective work to raise awareness and understanding of the vital importance of our trees and woods.”

To find out more about how you can support us, go to the Fund4Trees website

Note: in the last issue of the ARB Magazine Rob Penn was introduced as a trustee of Fund4Trees. He is in fact a patron and not a trustee.

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