Workshop at Kew Gardens 16 July 2018

New research strategy published

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The trustees are pleased to announce the publication of our first comprehensive research strategy. The strategy arose from a participatory ‘café-style’ workshop held at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in July 2018. The meeting was attended by trustees and members of the Research Advisory Committee, to review progress and future opportunities for Fund4Trees’ research activities promoting sustainable treescapes.


Jon Banks, Jeremy Barrell, David Lonsdale, Rob Mackenzie, Jon Heuch, Martin Gammie (trustee), Mick Boddy (trustee), Russell Ball (trustee), Tracy Clarke (trustee), Robin Jackson (AA Rep.), Andy Lederer (ICF Rep.), Gabriel Hemery (trustee). Additional prior contributors: Andy Hirons and Jack Kenyon.

Purpose of the research strategy

The Fund4Trees Research Strategy provides a focus for our research supporting sustainable treescapes. It covers a five-year period from 2019-2024. It guides how we commission research, provides a focus for the awarding of grants and bursaries, and informs our communications.

Fund4Trees Research Strategy 2019-24

Our research focus is on three interlinked themes: planning for trees in green infrastructure, ensuring successful tree establishment, leading to the delivery of multiple benefits to society and the environment.

The Research Strategy is published in full at:

Fund4Trees Research Strategy 2019-24
Fund4Trees Research Strategy 2019-24

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