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Arboreal Biomechanics

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Project Update, Summer 2019

Last year we announced funding awarded towards a project intending to map the body’s movements while tree climbing, utilising and comparing different techniques to analyse the pressure on both joints and muscles. The aim of the research undertaken is to gain better understanding of how we use our bodies in the tree and how potential injuries are sustained, including the mechanisms for longer term injuries. We are pleased to provide a detailed update of this research by the researchers.

Summary of work completed to date

  • Completed work analysing body movements under various conditions
  • Undertaken an online survey among practitioners, receiving 325 responses
  • The main conclusions from the survey are that tree climbers do suffer from muscular and skeletal injuries, and there are also patterns of common areas where people get injured. We are considering these results and we may try a follow-up survey to see if we can dig deeper in to these issues.
  • On-going is work into solving the unknown key loads on the climbers’ hands, feet and harness.

Read more about this research project

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